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National Security Reporting is Anything but Secure

A recent article in New Republic highlights the new landscape – and new threats to journalists – in national security reporting. The story highlights that one of the major dangers to journalists and their sources are journalists own security practices. In

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NSA Collecting Data from Tech and Telco Companies

The Internet is reverberating with the news that the NSA has been secretly collecting data from major technology companies. The program – called PRISM – enabled the surveillance organization to spy on communications including emails, live chats, file shares and even

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Dispatch to Demo at SIGCOMM 2013

We just received the fantastic news that our demo paper, “Dispatch: Making the web secure and robust for citizen journalists,” has been accepted to SIGCOMM 2013. SIGCOMM is the flagship conference of the special interest group on data communications of

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New Plan to Wiretap Web Users

The New York Times reports that the Obama administration may support a new FBI plan to wiretap web users. The FBI’s argument is that traditional wiretapping techniques are becoming increasingly obsolete as communication moves online. In 2010, the organization began

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New Yorker Unveils Secure “Strongbox” for Anonymous Sources

Today The New Yorker unveiled Strongbox, a secure way for sources to share messages and files, while protecting their anonymity. Strongbox is based on Tor and requires the source to download and install the software necessary to access the Tor

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Dispatch goes to SNOW 2013

We have exciting news – the Dispatch team will be presenting a paper at the First Workshop on Social News on the Web at WWW ’13 in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to presenting the paper, we’ll participate in brainstorming

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Massive Internet Outages in Syria

TechCrunch reports that Syria is experience massive Internet outage, as shown in the Google Transparency Report and reports from the security firm Cloudflare. Virtually no traffic is coming out of the area. The situation is reminiscent of 2012, when the Syrian

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Citizen Surveillance Helping Officials (WSJ)

“Citizen Surveillance Helps Officials Put Pieces Together” An article in the WSJ highlights how surveillance technology in popular devices (i.e. smartphones) is aiding criminal investigators. In the recent F.B.I. search for the Boston Marathon bombers, they used video surveillance from

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Dispatch Gets Feedback on Cryptography

–Kanak Biscuitwala From the outset of the development of Dispatch, our primary goal has been to protect the identities, content, and credibility of anyone using Dispatch to disseminate information. In cryptographic language, this means we needed to develop a protocol

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Mass User Privacy Violations by Major Analytics Company

In 2011, two layers brought a suit against digital business analytics company comScore. The claim? That comScore was collecting user information without their knowledge, then selling it to third parties. The suit centered on the firm’s OSSProxy software which is

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