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Surveillance and Censorship Technology – Who Has It?

Earlier this year Citizen Lab, a human rights monitoring group based in Toronto, found that American-made surveillance and censorship technologies were being used by several governments with a track record of human rights violations. The group scanned for the signature

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Are mobile phones the new tracking devices?

A new study from researchers at MIT and Louvain University  highlights how mobile phones have the capacity to be used as tracking devices. The study analyzed human mobility data for over 1.5 million people over fifteen months. The results were

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We’ve been hacked.

Early Saturday morning Dispatch machines were the latest of a string of machines at Stanford to be targeted by external hackers. The machines were compromised for approximately 30 hours before being dismantled. We’ve taken these systems down and have temporarily

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NICAR 2013 Recap

Dispatch had its soft launch on Saturday at the 2013 NICAR conference and received great feedback on the app from the attending investigative reporters. We’re now working on incorporating that feedback as we develop the app further. One insightful participant

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Companies Are Reluctant to Admit Cyber Security Breaches

  Nicole Perlroth of the New York Times recently wrote about how many of the companies who are targeted and compromised by hackers refuse to publicly admit it. Perlroth notes that the recent admissions from Twitter, Facebook and Apple that

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Cyber security threats hit close to home for journalists and their sources

After report from a 2010 cyber attack on Google aiming at breaking email from activists, a recent teport from the New York Times point to orchestrated cyber attack campaigns primarily aiming at discovering journalists sources. “They could have wreaked havoc

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