Cyber security threats hit close to home for journalists and their sources

After report from a 2010 cyber attack on Google aiming at breaking email from activists, a recent teport from the New York Times point to orchestrated cyber attack campaigns primarily aiming at discovering journalists sources.

“They could have wreaked havoc on our systems,” said Marc Frons, the Times’s chief information officer. “But that was not what they were after.” What they appeared to be looking for were the names of people who might have provided information to Mr. Barboza.

While this provides an example where the *core* of journalist activity – almost the newsroom – is under attack, in may ways the *edges*, where sources and citizen journalists have to play their role, is typically an easier target. The Dispatch project aims at complementing cyber security protection outside of the premise of well known journalist organization, to provide anyone on the ground with appropriate level of protection.

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