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Using Dispatch securely means registering the app with an email address that isn’t connected to your real identity in any way. You’ll only need to access this throwaway address only once, to complete the setup process when you first open the app on your device. After that, you’ll only need it if you want to use Dispatch to send messages directly to other people (rather than publishing them):


Once you see the “Verifying” screen, use the browser on your phone to log in to your throwaway email account.


Click the link from “Musubi” to complete your Dispatch registration. Dispatch is now ready to use. (Who is “Musubi”?). Set your username and picture.


Publishing to your own Tumblr account

Dispatch is preconfigured to work seamlessly with your Tumblr account(s), so that your work can be seen and shared by others. As with Dispatch, it’s important to make sure that the Tumblogs you create aren’t associated with your real identity in any way. All your work will be credited to your Dispatch handle, however, so your readers can be sure that your content came from you. If you plan to post to multiple Tumblrs, we suggest you add them all at once; they will be saved in a list where you can connect them to individual channel feeds later.

Step 1: Add your Tumblr account(s)

To add a Tumblr account, tap on the Tumblr icon at the upper right:


This will then take you to a Tumblr login, where you can enter your credentials:


Once you’ve entered your credentials, the app will return to the channel list. Begin typing “Dispatch” and choose “Dispatch Test” to select the Dispatch server. Tap the “Go” button to connect. This will open a new channel:


To connect the channel to your Tumblog, tap the arrow in the upper right. On the channel details screen, tap the “View/Edit” button next to “Publishing”:


The dispatch-test Tumblr will be selected by default. To target your own Tumblog instead, simply tap the name:


Communicating without publishing

In addition to publishing securely and instantly to the web, Dispatch can also be used to send secure, authenticated images and text directly (and only) to other Dispatch users. Once you have logged in to dispatch-test once, you can start a new channel any time by simply typing “Dispatch Test” into the channel list’s search box. Go to the channel details screen by tapping the arrow in the upper right of your new channel, and tap the “Add” button next to “Members”:


Here, you can simply type the email address of any of your Dispatch contacts to add them to the channel and converse with them directly:





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