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Using Dispatch securely means registering the app with an email address that isn’t connected to your real identity in any way. You’ll only need to access this throwaway address only once, to complete the setup process when you first open the app on your device. After that, you’ll only need it if you want to use Dispatch to send messages directly to other people (rather than publishing them):

Enter Anonymous Email Address

Once you see the “Verifying” screen, use the browser on your phone to log in to your throwaway email account.

Check your email on your device

Click the link from “Musubi” to complete your Dispatch registration. Dispatch is now ready to use. (Who is “Musubi”?)

Click the confirmation link

The default channel on Dispatch is our feedback channel. You can use this channel to experiment with publishing messages and images when you first install the app, or any time to give us feedback on the app:

Default Dispatch feedback contacts

Dispatch doesn’t have a character limit, so you can post messages that are as long or as short as you need them to be:

Send a test message

Dispatch lets you keep taking photos until you get the right one. When you have it, you can add a caption or not before publishing:

Take a picture and add a caption

Your channel feed contains your recent content and confirmation messages, so you know what’s been published:

View your published work in your feed

Publishing to your own Tumblr account

Dispatch is preconfigured to work seamlessly with your Tumblr account(s), so that your work can be seen and shared by others. As with Dispatch, it’s important to make sure that the Tumblogs you create aren’t associated with your real identity in any way. All your work will be credited to your Dispatch handle, however, so your readers can be sure that your content came from you. If you plan to post to multiple Tumblrs, we suggest you add them all at once; they will be saved in a list where you can connect them to individual channel feeds later.

Step 1: Add your Tumblr account(s)

To add a Tumblr account, swipe right to the channels list view shown below. You can also access this view by clicking the “list” icon in the top left of your current channel feed:

Swipe to see your channels

From there, click the pencil+paper “blog” icon at the top. This will take you to the screen below, where you will click the green button to authorize Dispatch to post to Tumblr on your behalf:

To create new channels, sign in to Tumblr

This will then take you to a Tumblr login, where you can enter your credentials:

Authorize Dispatch to publish on Tumblr

Repeat this process for any other Tumblogs you’d like to be able to publish to from Dispatch.

Step 2: Add Tumblogs to specific channel feeds

To publish to a Tumblog from a given channel, simply enter the channel and tap on the “cloud” icon at the lower right:

View your published work in your feed

This will bring up a list of the Tumblogs you have available, with a check mark indicating those that are already attached to the feed. Just tap to add/change the Tumblr destination(s):

Add the Tumblr you want to post to

The status bar below the channel feed title indicates whether the content is being published to the web:

View your published work in your feed

Communicating without publishing

In addition to publishing securely and instantly to the web, Dispatch can also be used to send secure, authenticated images and text directly (and only) to other Dispatch users.

To do this, you simply create a new channel in the channels list by tapping the “plus” button:

Swipe to see your channels

This will bring up your Dispatch contacts list, where you can tap to add existing contacts, or type in the Dispatch email address of a contact directly into the “To” field at top:

Creating a contact channel

When you start a channel, the default channel name lists the participants:

To create a new publishing feed, click the cloud icon

However, you can simply tap the channel name to change it to something more convenient. Note that the status bar indicates content is not published to the web:

Click the channel title to rename it

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