New Yorker Unveils Secure “Strongbox” for Anonymous Sources

Today The New Yorker unveiled Strongbox, a secure way for sources to share messages and files, while protecting their anonymity.

Strongbox is based on Tor and requires the source to download and install the software necessary to access the Tor network. The New Yorker is the first major American publication to take such a visible step in providing a way for sources to protect their identities. The New Yorker unveiled Strongbox just hours after the Obama administration was revealed to have been spying on Associate Press phone calls at an unprecedented scale.

Strongbox is based on DeadDrop, a server application with open source software written by Aaron Swartz in conjunction with security experts.

You can read The New Yorker’s blog post on Strongbox here.

You can find more about DeadDrop on GitHub here and here.

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